The Designer Bag at the Garbage Dump

That’s the title of what I’m currently reading. It’s a Christian novel I’ve had on my Kindle app for quite a while. There are several books I’ve had for a while and never seem to get around to reading. That’s mostly because my Book Club keeps me busy reading other books. And the little remaining reading time I have is usually spent reading blogs or other online stuff like Pinterest, where there’s always some good recipe or interesting use of essential oils or a homeopathic remedy for me to pin.

Well this month I snubbed the club book and went for this one. And I’m liking it. The main character, Julie, is a young wife and mom from NY. She’s a likeable person if somewhat self-absorbed and materialistic. She’s looking forward to a weekend away from her hubby and son pampering herself and indulging her shopaholic vice when she has a divine intervention. Julie’s journey to transformation begins when she boards a train and finds herself escorted to a car where a gentleman awaits her at an elegant table. A lavish meal of all her favorite foods is spread before her. Her host is none other than the Lord Himself. Julie enjoys the wonderful meal and conversation, at the conclusion of which the Lord asks her to take care of His orphan lambs. He gives her a mission that is intended to help those in need while simultaneously helping her heal from past hurts and grow in faith and trust in Him.

When Julie steps off the train, the platform is filled with people of a different culture. She has disembarked in Mumbai, India. Thus her adventure begins. The author is not shy about describing the gritty reality of Julie’s plight as a homeless woman in India, or the poverty she encounters on the streets. But the sweetness of the Lord’s presence is woven throughout, as He patiently encourages Julie to embrace her new reality and trust Him to help her help the homeless children living at the city garbage dump (and take care of her own family back home!)

I’m just halfway through this novel, but already find myself taking note of the messages of gratitude for God’s simple everyday blessings (think running water, flushing toilet, warm bed), trusting in His providence and believing in His love even in the most dire of circumstances.


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