Going Natural

I’ve been moving over the past few years toward a more natural, organic and holistic life. It began with a concern about the level of pesticides in fruits and vegetables. I hated the idea of striving to eat healthy and suspecting that I was taking in more harmful chemicals. Somewhere along the line I came across a handy chart named “The Dirty DozenFitStar_Blog_DirtyDozen and Clean Fifteen”. I printed it out and refer to it often as a guide to which produce should be purchased from the organic section and which is fine to buy regular. For example, as I became more aware of the items with the higher pesticide residues, I have permanently switched to organic apples, strawberries and potatoes. However, I’ve learned onions, eggplant and sweet potatoes are okay to buy nonorganic and save a few dollars.

After the switch to more organic food came an increasing interest in natural skincare products and remedies for headaches, sleep trouble, menstrual discomfort, and minor ailments. I found that for my sleepless nights OTC sleep aids left me feeling not quite right the next day, but all natural melatonin did the trick with no side effects. Awesome! Later I became a fan of Hyland’s brand of homeopathic products, which I’ve found to work quite well for headaches and menstrual cramps. Sometimes I use them in conjunction with OTC pain medicine and get relief more successfully than with the OTC products alone. Hey, no pain I’m game, especially if I can use less drugs. I’ve also switched to brands such as Burt’s Bees and the Swanson Vitamins brand (online retailer where I source many of my items) for some of my personal care products such as face and eye creams, lip balm, toner and witch hazel. I’ve become a huge believer in the benefits of coconut oil and castor oil. Although I’m nowhere near 100% all-natural, I’m making progress!

Next in my journey toward naturalness came a slow acceptance of my God-given curls. Women out there will understand that it’s always a battle to be happy with our hair, but particularly if it’s curly. Finally after 40+ years of life I started to learn there are ways, products and techniques to make the best of a curly situation. And so off I went surfing the net to educate myself and boy did I learn a lot. I’d been doing it all wrong! No wonder I never liked my curls before. Most mainstream products on the market wreak havoc on curls. They’re just too harsh and drying. Curls need tender, loving, gentle care and when I began to show mine the consideration they needed, they began to breathe easier and react positively.  Luckily, the hair care industry is responding to the growing demand for curly hair products and it’s not so much of a challenge to love my curls. I’m also extremely fortunate to have a hair salon not far from home whose owner is trained in the dry hair cutting method for curls and uses one of the higher-end lines of curly hair products.

The most recent area of interest to me in being more natural is the world of essential oils. Wow is there ever a lot to learn here! For now I’m just dabbling. I’m still in the process of learning about the medicinal benefits of some oils, such as the amazing Tea Tree Oil. I’ve made a couple of concoctions such as a bug repellent, a sunscreen, a hand sanitizer and a homemade version of  Poo Pourri (which works fantastically to keep my bathroom fresh!). I have plans to try a face wash, my own lip balm and a homemade deodorant.

This is a work in progress and I will be sharing more on my journey to naturalness in future posts. If anyone with an interest in these topics stumbles upon my little humble blog here, please leave a comment with your own wisdom to share or your blog where I can learn more. Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

nature knows best



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