Fátima’s Frozen Dessert

This is a recipe for a 3 ingredient yummy frozen dessert. A dear family friend, named Fátima, made it when we visited her home in Cascais, Portugal. Portuguese recipes usually have very simple names and they often include the name of the person who gave you the recipe. So for me this is called Fátima’s Frozen Dessert…



1 pint whipping cream ~ 1 can condensed milk ~ 1 package Maria cookies, in pieces


Beat whipping cream. Stir in condensed milk. Add broken cookies. Freeze 3 hours.

Frozen dessert
Bottom pic shows cookies mixed into cream ready for freezer


That’s it! How easy is that?

I even prep the cream right in the serving bowl so there’s very little clean-up. If you’re not familiar with Maria cookies, they’re a dry, thin, crisp, slightly sweetened cookie similar to a tea biscuit. It is normally found in the International section at the grocery store. How you serve this is up to you. I would suggest having fresh berries of your choice on hand as they go very well with this sweet whipped dessert. Or serve it simply with some shaved chocolate or nuts or sprinkles on top. You can also serve it over your favorite ice cream or a fudgy brownie…use your imagination and enjoy!


PaulaPortugal 2011 566
With our friends at their home in Cascais




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