A Generous Soul

Sometimes you come across a story that touches your heart in a deep place. These stories are especially powerful when they are the little bits of light in an otherwise dark situation. It’s my heartfelt belief that they are means by which God shows us that He is there no matter how painful a situation is how or how bleak things look. They are the little signs that He sees, He knows, He cares. He can work through circumstances, He can work through animals, and He can work through others. Greg Zanis is one of those others. Greg is a generous soul from Chicago who built 49 beautiful white crosses with red hearts to honor the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting. He didn’t know the victims and he is not an activist. But he took on the labor of love to build the crosses and drive 1200 miles to deliver them himself. In his words: “My message today is love your brother, love your neighbor. Don’t judge them.”

Amen brother.

Orlando crosses

Here’s a link to an article:


Here’s a link to a video:



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