Curly Girls Have More Fun!

This post is about curly hair products, but doesn’t contain any reviews. It’s just about my observation of how cute and witty many of the products aimed at curly girls are. Some of these products I’ve used, some I love, some I intend to try and some I’m not familiar with at all.

Check out these ego-boosting stylers from JessiCurl, where the company motto is “You have the right to remain curly”:

Or how about this fresh and pretty refresher to start off your day:DSC_3796__82448.1423084647.1280.1280

And this refusal to put up with any snags by using this detangler:


Aunt Jackie’s has a bunch of curl empowering products. Curl la la sounds so adorable!

Aunt Jackies - Returning

DevaCurl’s Mist-er Right  has one of the catchiest names in my opinion.



The Curlific! from Aphogee in its cheerful yellow bottle is one of my favorites that I use regularly.


 And there’s something about the swirly curly hair graphic and fresh colors on the Curls Unleashed products that I find appealing. The print is too small to read in this pic but the products also have little sayings on them like Take Command, Set It Off, and Let It Flow that are related to the product’s function.

packaing-group-shot-1024x680Whether it’s the company name, the product name or the graphics on the packaging, they bring a smile to a curly girl’s face. What a way to start off your day!

This curly girl also very much appreciates the curly emoji collection by Dove.

Thanks to all these companies for making it more fun to be curly!dove-curl-emoji-


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