Sunny Sunflowers in NJ

I’m really blessed to live where I live! Truly I’ve often reflected on where I grew up in the eastern part of New Jersey, and how it wasn’t the place for me. It was what people typically picture New Jersey as: congested and crowded. Now I live in western New Jersey and it’s not at all what most people would imagine, even if they know our little state is more than Newark, Camden, Jersey City or the Turnpike. And it really is an awful lot more than that!

Beyond the well-known beauty of the Jersey shore, our state also lives up to its nickname “The Garden State”. All up and down this great little state there is open land: farms and fields, mountains and hills, parks and trails, lakes, rivers and creeks. I live where farms, rolling hills, wineries, horse stables, roadside produce stands, farmer’s markets, pasturing cows and goats, winding country roads, old mills and stone houses dating to the 1700s are part of the scenery. I’ve often thanked God for knowing my heart and planting me here.

Yesterday the hubby and I visited one of the many beautiful farms in this part of the state. The summer season is ending and fall harvests will soon begin. But before the apple picking, corn mazes and pumpkin patches get into full swing, the sunflowers have been putting on a glorious show at Donaldson Farms in Warren County!

The last time I saw so many sunflowers at once was twenty years ago along a road in the French countryside, so this was a real treat! And speaking of treat, did you know the yellow petals surrounding the sunflower are edible? They’re tasty too, in a unique sunflowery sort of way and would be perfect in a salad!


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