A Company with a Purpose

I love it when I can support a good cause while purchasing things I need, use and enjoy. My first exposure to Newman’s Own products was through salad dressing, which was their only product in the beginning. I thought the dressing was just as tasty if not more so than the other brands I’d used before. And it was all natural and it supported charity. I was a newlywed in my twenties at the time, grocery shopping for my own home and feeling quite proud of myself for my smart choices.

That’d be nice!

The company was founded by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman and his friend A.E. Hotchner. From the beginning, their plan was “Let’s give it all away”. They have done so with all after-tax profits since their launch in 1982, supporting many groups and organizations across the world in their four focus areas of Philanthropy, Children, Empowerment and Nutrition. The company’s list of products has grown and diversified, but their mission has remained the same. The many offerings include:



Coffee and tea  – their organic special blend K cups are by far my favorite, no other brand holds a candle!NewmansOwn

Frozen pizza and pasta

Juice, lemonade, iced tea

Marinades and barbecue sauces

Pasta sauces and salsas

Pet food and treats

Popcorn, cookies and snacks





The Newman’s Own Foundation was created in 2005 to continue their work.

Newman’s Own Foundation is an independent, private foundation formed in 2005 by Paul Newman to sustain the legacy of his philanthropic work. Funded entirely through the profits and royalties of Newman’s Own products, the Foundation does not maintain an endowment, raise funds, or accept donations. The Foundation believes that each of us, through the power of philanthropy, has the potential to make a difference. Since 1982, when Paul Newman first declared, “Let’s give it all away,” more than $460 million has been donated to thousands of nonprofit organizations helping people in need around the world.

Learn more here.

With a list of products as long as theirs and a commitment to offering all natural, wholesome products at competitive prices and using the proceeds to support charity, there is no reason not to give this company a chance the next time you’re at the supermarket!




2 thoughts on “A Company with a Purpose

  1. I never knew that Newman’s Own had that many products!! The only product I’ve really tried of theirs is pasta sauce, but now I want to try more of it, especially since they have after-tax profits. Lovely post!


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