Our Sweet Gunther

October is Adopt-A-Dog Month! In November 2014 we adopted a 4 month old puppy from a rescue shelter. We weren’t planning on getting a pet but one day I was shopping online at Overstock.com and noticed a tab at the top labeled “Pet Adoptions”. One thing led to another and after submitting an application and two references, we brought home a furry new family member. As far as we can tell, he is a Corgi-Shepherd mix displaying classic physical markings of Welsh Corgi and German Shepherd. He’s a sweet little guy who’s brought so much joy, love and laughter into our lives!


If anyone is looking to bring a pet into their life, I highly encourage them to consider adopting a pet that needs a home. Adopting a rescue animal doesn’t mean it will come with “problems”. Regardless of whether they are pure-breed or not, they can be just as sweet, loving, intelligent, and healthy as any other pet obtained elsewhere. Often, they will already have been vaccinated and house-broken, depending on their age. Some may be special needs pets, but a reputable rescue group will make that known to you. They will help you adopt the right pet for you. There are so many animals that need a family to love them and they have so much love to give. I recommend starting at a place like Petfinder, where you can enter the type of pet/breed/age you prefer and your location to see available pets at adoption groups near you.

Sept/2015 Gunther has a happy reunion with his brother Logan, who was also adopted into a forever family 🙂

Once you hone in on a rescue shelter and a potential pet, do not be put off by the request to fill out an application and provide a couple of references. Being asked to do so is a good sign that the rescue group is diligent in trying to make a good match for you and the prospective pet.



Make sure to check into the costs and commitment required to care for a pet before you decide to adopt. Feel free to attend adoption events and visit with a potential pet. Ask questions and don’t make a decision until you feel comfortable.


And if you decide adoption is not for you, consider helping in other ways, such as fostering a pet, volunteering at a shelter or donating supplies.




2 thoughts on “Our Sweet Gunther

  1. Gunther is so cute! It breaks my heart how so many dogs/pets in general aren’t adopted and have to be put down. This is a wonderful post. 🙂


    1. I know…it’s so sad. I like to share about our positive experience in hopes that more people will at least consider adopting. Thank you for the compliment, we think he’s so adorable!!


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