Bath cleaning bliss!!

At our house the hubby and I share in the cleaning duties. He’s responsible for the vacuuming and mopping of the kitchen floor, which is an expansive area that encompasses the mudroom and foyer, as well as cleaning our master bathroom and the hall bath used by our boys. He used to also vacuum the staircase and upstairs bedrooms. I do all the rest, which includes kitchen countertops, dusting of all rooms in the house and the wood floors in the living and dining rooms. Since he began a new job that leaves him less time, I’ve taken on the upstairs bedrooms and occasionally the bathrooms. Which leads me to this post.

I hate it when I have to do the bathrooms! I can’t stand the awful chemicals. I’ve tried to tell hubby breathing in the horrible, toxic fumes can’t be good for him but he swears by their dirt and grime busting capabilities. When the duty falls to me, my modus operandi is to pull on my rubber gloves, run the exhaust fan or open the window if the weather allows, and then hold my breath while I spray everything down. When I can’t stand it anymore I run out gasping for air, leaving the toxic fumes to dissipate before going back in.

Now I have a new, more pleasant routine. I use one of those “tried and true” DIY mixes I saw on Pinterest. Check it out at The Craft Patch. It’s so simple and it works! All that’s required is white vinegar and Dawn dish washing detergent. Mix it in a spray bottle and get cleaning. I was already a believer in the benefits and power of vinegar for cleaning and figured dish soap isn’t bad. I’ve only tried the blue Dawn and found the mix to be just as effective as the store bought product we were using before. The smell was rather a fresh and clean combo of the two, but more strongly of the dish soap. And no fume cloud!!

I’ve also picked up a multi-surface spray from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day line. The products are made with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. Right up my alley! I’m so inspired by Mrs. Meyer and am a fan of her approach to cleaning…

Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer is a real person with a real passion for keeping things neat and tidy. She is the inspiration behind Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day – household cleaners that work like the dickens but smell nice. Ask Thelma and she’ll tell you that cleaning is something that just has to get done, so there’s more time to enjoy family and friends. So if you can make cleaning more pleasant, well, why wouldn’t you?

Exactly! I agree!! I have the honeysuckle scent and use it for the bathroom counter tops. It smells so good, soft and floral. It’s aromatherapy while you clean. I’m looking forward to trying more products and scents from Mrs. Meyer’s and possibly different colors/scents of Dawn as well as other dish soap brands. I’m sort of looking forward to cleaning now…just don’t tell hubby!!




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