Portuguese Pottery

I’ve always loved colorful Mediterranean pottery in general and Portuguese pottery in particular. There are many variations for typical Portuguese pottery, based on time period and region, but I pretty much admire them all. These are the things that make my eyes bug out and my heart skip a beat like a kid in a candy shop!


I do of course own pieces from several of the different pottery styles. Most of my pottery can be used as serving pieces even though I’m using them as decorative accents. A few of them are typical brown terracotta glazed pottery than can be used to cook in as well as serve, and I do enjoy getting full use out of those.

Pottery for cooking and serving

My latest interest is in serving pieces that are not only pretty and decorative but that I can also put to use on the table. For this I’m becoming very drawn to the Bordallo Pinheiro pottery company. They were founded in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal and have been around since 1884. The company has created countless garden-inspired collections in eye-catching colors and textures, with the most iconic being the green cabbage collection. There is a collection for just about any taste or preference. Simply do a search online for Bordallo Pinheiro and a color you like such as green, blue, pink, purple, etc., and feast your eyes on the creations this company has come up with! Here, I’ll show you some examples:

The pieces readily lend themselves to being incorporated into various seasons and holidays. Some of their pottery even features bunnies for Easter and holly berries for Christmas. Bordallo Pinheiro has been around so long that there are vintage patterns and designs that have been retired and can only be obtained second-hand. They continue the ever-popular fruit and veggie motifs and are innovating new ones. The next time I visit Portugal I absolutely must stop in at their factory outlet in Caldas da Rainha. It’s within minutes of my parents’ home and I never even knew about it before! In the meantime, there is plenty of Bordallo Pinheiro to be had on ebay 😉






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