Cape May Christmas

Known as Exit 0 for its exit number off the Garden State Parkway, Cape May, NJ is a fantastic place for getting in the mood for Christmas. Hubby and I took the 3 hour drive and checked into the Congress Hall Hotel for a two night getaway. From the moment we walked in, it was magical…the Christmas trees, the giant candy canes, the 6 foot tall wooden soldiers, lights and ornaments everywhere!


A gingerbread replica of Congress Hall

Congress Hall is a beautiful historic hotel celebrating its 200th anniversary this year. We arrived in time to take their history tour where we learned some interesting facts, such as it served as the US president’s temporary residence in the summer of 1891. The White House was being upgraded with electricity so during the renovation President Harrison took up quarters in one of the wings at the hotel where he continued his official functions. The grand Federal-style hotel with its towering white columns, American flags at the front entrance and official-sounding name (in honor of its original builder’s election to Congress) was a fitting place for a president. I’m sure the gorgeous oceanfront views didn’t hurt either!


Front entrance
Rear entrance facing the Atlantic Ocean

Our room at Congress Hall was located in the Perry Wing at the end of a quiet hall facing the ocean. It came with an unexpected surprise. Hubby who is perpetually security-minded as well as a curious investigator checked on a door that we thought connected to an adjoining room. We discovered a staircase that led from our third floor room down to a second floor living area with kitchenette, a second bathroom, dining and TV area, as well as an expansive wooden deck that offered more views of town and the ocean!

Some of the lovely areas around the hotel…

We thoroughly enjoyed our three day getaway to relax, shop, dine and prepare our spirits for the beauty of Christmas.


Horse-drawn carriage ride with friends

Christmas is an absolutely wonderful time of year in this pretty Victorian beach town…but as I wrote in A Jersey Gem any time of year is wonderful in Cape May!


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