Let there be more

(This is not a political statement. The featured image I chose is an example of what there should be more of. As for the reasons the subjects are protesting, my opinion is that there are valid arguments on both sides of the matter. Photo credit: Nuccio DiNuzzo, a photographer for The Chicago Tribune attending a protest at O’Hare Airport January/2017).


Let there be more…

Love than hate.

Light than darkness.

Kindness than meanness.

Patience than anger.

Unity than division.

Peace than war.

Goodness than evil.

Healing than violence.

Praising than complaining.

Laughter than tears.

Building up than tearing down.

Open hearts than closed minds.

Helping hands than tight fists.






One thought on “Let there be more

  1. You are right about good arguments on both sides. I want to let all the children and old folks in ASAP! But, I’m also looking at Germany and Sweden and wondering how to keep violent young males out? It’s a horrible situation and one I pray for daily.

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