No More Gnomes

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk along the Delaware River in Frenchtown, NJ. I enjoy the D&R Canal path that offers views of the river and is frequented by joggers, bicyclists and other dog walkers. In the summer you can see canoes, kayaks and rafts floating down the river. There are cute shops of all kinds and plenty of eateries to enjoy in town too.

When I’ve walked there before I liked to admire the little gnome village that someone set up along the path. I have always assumed the village was for the enjoyment of passers-by and thought it to be such a kind act of generosity to bring a smile to those who saw it. I hadn’t been to the path since last year and was looking forward to seeing it again. I was hopeful maybe there would be some new additions. But unfortunately it’s gone! Luckily I took pictures of a few favorite gnomes the last time I was there.

A note was tacked to a tree, but I’m not sure what to make of it. It was only just recently placed there as its dated March 2017. It says something about the gnomes will now be popping up around town.


P.S. I miss the gnomes but love the big red butterfly 🙂


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