Favorite Things

Well the title certainly brings the song to mind…I can hear Julie Andrews as Maria in The Sound of Music…

Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

I can appreciate her list of favorite things, especially the crisp apple strudels!

As for me I have a list of my own. If I wrote it all down I’m sure it would be longer than Maria’s. Two of them are not actually physical things per se, they’re more like things I do. They are the thrill I get when I find a good bargain and the sense of satisfaction I feel when I bring organization to an area that needs order. Last month I experienced that thrill and satisfaction by purchasing something for my birthday that I’ve wanted for a while.

So here’s the lowdown: I had a $100 gift from my parents to treat myself to something. I wanted a free-standing jewelry armoire. It had to be pretty, fit in with my bedroom style and look good in the corner intended for it. It had to be well-made and sturdy and it had to house all my jewelry (that at present was stored in three different places), with a bit of room to spare…you know, for those future jewelry must-haves. And it had to be under $100.

I searched for the armoire online and saw a few good possibilities. Problem was the ones I liked were over my birthday budget. By a lot. Except for one. It was pretty, the right size for my needs, and reviewed by others as sturdy. Original price was $349.99 and it came in two colors: ivory was on sale for $149.99 and black was on clearance for $92. Both colors were fine, but the budget friendly black one had one problem: it had a distressed finish that was designed by someone with no talent for distressing. I wish they’d just left it the heck alone. I don’t mind shabby chic but the distress marks were too symmetrical, too perfectly spaced, too silly-looking! So I had a hard time deciding if to order it but in the end I went for it and am so glad I did. With taxes it came to $98 and change. Then I spent under $2 for some craft paint to tone down the distress marks. I’m so happy with how it turned out. The larger picture below shows the result, though the cover-up shows more in the picture than in person. Must be how the light hit it.

Both my gold and silver jewelry and my fashion pieces fit beautifully in the armoire. Everything is easy to see and pull out…everything organized and for a bargain!! This is one of my favorite things and I’m beyond thrilled and satisfied.



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