Homemade Flavored Cream Cheese

Like cream cheese? Like variety? Like saving money? Here’s a super simple, frugal way to enjoy flavored cream cheese:

Take an 8 ounce bar of cream cheese (at room temperature). Cream it for 30 seconds with electric beater. Add 1/4 cup of your favorite jam or fruit preserves. Whip for 20 more seconds.  Voilà! You just made your own whipped flavored cream cheese!

Store in fridge and enjoy on whatever your heart desires. It stays creamy and spreadable even when chilled.

The ready-made tubs of flavored cream cheese at the store are small and will run you about double the price of making this yourself with very little effort, especially if you buy the bars when they’re on sale. And doing it yourself means you can use homemade jams or try unique flavors.



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