Longwood Gardens

I recently visited Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania as part of a five day trip to the Brandywine Valley area and wrote about it here. But as I am fond of taking lots of pictures and the post was already getting kind of lengthy and the Longwood visit was on Day 5 of the 5 day trip, I had to keep it short. So now I am going to stretch out and do it justice.

Main fountain garden where the fountain shows take place
Close-up of the arches just below the upper fountain area

The Longwood property was bought by Pierre du Pont in 1906 primarily to save the majestic mature trees that previous generations of owners (descendants of the original owner George Peirce) had planted. Not only did Pierre save the trees but he built upon what was there and left a legacy for our present day enjoyment.

A towering tulip tree whose immense height is not fully evident in the picture

Visitors to Longwood can see centuries-old trees, rainbows of flowers, topiary shrubs, numerous fountains, classic architecture, the sprawling conservatory, a stone tower, tree houses, a colonial farmhouse as well as the 1730 brick home built by Joshua Peirce and so much more. Walkways and paths meander all through the gardens, just waiting to be explored.


The Peirce-DuPont House is a brick home dating back to 1730. It bears the name of both families that inhabited it and has been greatly expanded throughout its existence. The white wall with arched windows is the exterior of an enclosed courtyard seen in the lower center picture.

The Conservatory houses 4 acres of magnificent garden beauty!




The Chimes Tower can be heard throughout the area of the Conservatory and Main Fountains.


I visited in June and saw the summer flowers in bloom as well as the night time illuminated fountain show. Visits during other seasons will offer something different to please the eye. I plan to return during the spring to see the tulips, my favorite flower, in their glory. I may also visit at Christmas to enjoy the annual holiday trees and lights display.


As dark approaches at Longwood the beauty of the garden still glows.


Waiting for the fountain light show to begin.

Along with other gardens and mansions established by various members of the Du Pont Family, Longwood Gardens is a magnificent place to see for yourself.


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