Busy Hands

I’ve often wished I could knit or crochet. There’s something beautiful about the rhythmic movements of the hands and knitting needles or crochet hooks busily creating something new, something pretty or warm or useful…a sweater, a blanket, a pair of mittens perhaps. Or an intricate crochet coverlet, a tablecloth, or a runner. Though I’ve dabbled and tried in the past it’s just not my gift. I seem to lack the patience and the talent for such things.

Recently as I was praying the Rosary, my attention was drawn to my hands and fingers as they worked their way along the beads. In all the years I’ve been praying the Rosary the thought never occurred to me that in a way I’m using my hands for something beautiful as well. The awareness came to me that one day, in Eternity, I’d see the fruit of my labor, the beauty of what my fingers working the beads and offering the many thousands of prayers and petitions had created.

The very best way to pray the Rosary is in mindful meditation on its “mysteries”, as they are called, which refers to the various stages of Christ’s life and what it teaches us. Insights and lessons for our own lives come from meditating on His and His mother Mary’s life events. In addition, as the repetitive prayers become natural we can become adept at weaving into our meditation whatever petitions are in our heart: for ourselves, our loved ones, our greater community of friends and neighbors, our country, our world.

The realization that I’m doing something beautiful even if I cannot yet see it has been so inspiring and encouraging to me. I don’t have any lovely hand-knit sweaters or pretty crochet crafts of my own making in this earthly home. But I believe that in my eternal home I’ll see what my praying hands have wrought. Prayer is powerful.

Balls of yarn

For those of you who may want to knit and pray, here’s an article of interest.


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