Kiss Cookie Cups

Remember the thumbprint cookies with jelly from back in the day?

I loved those when we made them in Home Economics class in grade school (for younger readers – we used to learn all kinds of homemaking things in Home Ec classes back in the 80s). Years later I tweaked the recipe by swapping a Hershey kiss for the jelly. Yummy, yummy. Then recently I decided to try marrying the chocolate kiss idea to a chocolate chip cookie. Very yummy, yummy!

I use a chocolate chip cookie recipe from Martha Stewart, but you can use whatever your favorite is.

  1. Spray a mini muffin pan with cooking spray and drop rounded tablespoons of cookie dough in.
  2. Bake about 10 mins until done.
  3. Unwrap your kisses while cookies bake.
  4. Remove baked cookies from oven and let sit about a minute in the pan.
  5. Then press a kiss into each cookie.

By the time you’re done the cookies should be ready to remove from the pan. The kisses will be kind of warm and shiny but will hold their shape. Pop one in your mouth and enjoy the goodness.

Ready for the oven
Freshly baked and waiting for kisses
Kiss cookies

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