Fair Trade Finds

Two years ago I was introduced to the non-profit company SERRV International. They have been around since 1949 when they aimed to help WWII refugees. The focus evolved from helping refugees to working with impoverished people throughout the world. Their mission is to promote ethical trade with developing countries in an effort to help farmers and artisans in struggling economies. The idea is that by helping them, they can support themselves and their families and thereby improve their communities, both economically and socially. This previous post explains a bit more about Fair Trade.

I was so taken with this concept that I threw myself into organizing and promoting a Fair Trade sale at my church. It was well-received and we hope to repeat it.

Here is a sampling of some of the wonderful products I’ve purchased over the last year and just absolutely love…

Organic tea from India

Silk-blend scarf from Vietnam

Beautiful Bolga baskets from Ghana

Extra-virgin olive oil from the Holy Land

Hand-hammered brass jewelry from Kenya

Fig-infused balsamic vinegar from South Africa

Bread warmer baskets with terra-cotta inserts from Bangladesh

And about the best chocolate I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy!

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