Well hello there!

Nice to see you fellow WordPresser it’s been a while yet again. Happy to say all is well. Life has become a little fuller lately with new activity.

The Community Outreach where I volunteer is taking more of my time as is my new-found crochet hobby. Both have been very satisfying to me in these days of difficulty.

One gets me out of the house and doing something concrete in the spirit of helping my neighbor. Beyond meeting amazing new people and forging new friendships, the sense of productivity and the positive feedback from those we serve has been immensely gratifying.

The other gives me something calming to do at home. It’s almost therapeutic. And when a beautiful creation takes shape the feeling of accomplishment and pride is incredible. I’ve become kind of addicted.

As far as addictions go, this is a good one. Nothing wrong with getting excited in the yarn aisle at the craft store. No shame in surfing the net for good sales. Perusing YouTube for new projects. Keeping it in balance so it’s all good.

And it’s resulted in yet another new thing: opening an Etsy shop. We shall see where that goes, but for now it’s a good outlet.

It started with the little pumpkins. Cute little things. They made me happy. Posted a picture on Facebook of my growing little patch and received so much positive commentary. I ended up giving away more than I kept. Then the idea dawned. Now I’m happily crocheting without fear of having my home overwhelmed. I feel free to try out new ideas knowing there’s a place to put them on offer.

It’s very stress-free as the shop is not meant to be a source of serious income, just a place to share my creations and cover my costs so I can keep doing something I enjoy. Hopefully it’s a win-win for me and my customers.

It’s only been about 2 weeks but I sold out of one item and am low on those cute little pumpkins that got me started. I’ve added some Christmas ornaments and after that my plans include getting busy with cozy throw blankets.

A throw blanket for my son’s new place in SoHo

Come visit me at PrettyByPaulina on Etsy!

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