I think of myself as a butterfly. A butterfly flutters about from flower to flower in search of nectar, from which it obtains energy for its life cycle. In my day to day life, I find myself “fluttering about” as many things attract my interest and occupy my time. I love God, my family, my countries (I have three!), my dog, nature, traveling, history, reading, taking pictures, food, wine…I think I’ll stop there 🙂

In my spiritual life, I am inspired by Saint Therese of Lisieux and her idea of a divine garden. She thought of souls as flowers in God’s garden, with herself being the littlest of those flowers, and she’s known by the nickname “The Little Flower”. Saint Kateri Tekawitha, another of my favorite saints, is known as “The Lily of the Mohawks”, in honor of her Native American heritage. God’s garden contains amazingly diverse “flowers”, hailing from all cultures and backgrounds. I see myself represented as a butterfly that flutters about in His garden in this journey called life.

My blog will reflect the many aspects that make up the whole with a special focus on faith, family, food and fun, all of which are God’s gifts to us. Again the image of the butterfly comes to mind, attracted here and there as it fulfills its mission. Hope you enjoy fluttering with me!


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