Salami for Dessert?

Yes, you can do that, if it’s Salame de Chocolate that is! A simple and unique dessert that can be enjoyed any time, but for me I associate it with Christmas. Perhaps because it reminds me of fudge, though it is somewhat different or perhaps because for special holidays I like to bring in elements … More Salami for Dessert?

Portuguese Pottery

I’ve always loved colorful Mediterranean pottery in general and Portuguese pottery in particular. There are many variations for typical Portuguese pottery, based on time period and region, but I pretty much admire them all. These are the things that make my eyes bug out and my heart skip a beat like a kid in a … More Portuguese Pottery

German Pancakes

Okay first off, don’t be fooled by the word pancakes. These are not your typical American-style fluffy flapjacks! Those are great too but these are a denser and kind of custard-like oven-baked pancake. My husband is half German and this is really about the only thing I make in honor of that side of our … More German Pancakes

Pulled Pork with a Portuguese Twist

When the weather begins to turn brisk and the days get shorter, cooking at our house changes from outdoor grilling and quick stovetop meals to soups, roasts and the slow cooker. My recipe for slow cooker Pulled Pork with a Portuguese Twist is the perfect transition from summer flavors into fall cooking! The “twist” is that I use a paste made of red … More Pulled Pork with a Portuguese Twist

Paula’s Piri-Piri

Have you heard of piri-piri sauce before? If you like hot and spicy sauces, you should try piri-piri. It’s a common Portuguese condiment, used to brush on chicken before grilling or baking as well as on other foods such as seafood or pork. It may be drizzled onto cooked foods as well to add extra … More Paula’s Piri-Piri