Marble Squares

The earliest I can remember being interested in trying a recipe was back when I was middle school age and I came across a recipe for Marble Squares in a magazine. For some reason I think it was in the TV Guide and it may have been an ad for Philly cream cheese featuring the … More Marble Squares

A little greener

It’s good to be green, as long as it’s not with envy! I just recently discovered stretch silicone covers. Love, love, love them. So practical and useful as a substitute for plastic wrap or aluminum foil. And seriously, the silicone covers do play double-duty both as covers for your refrigerated items as well as oven-friendly … More A little greener

Hot Chocolate Heaven

It’s a drinkable dessert. The yummiest hot chocolate I ever had. I can’t take credit for it. Just sharing the yummylicious goodness. Whoever came up with this must have been inspired by the patron saint of hot beverages! I found it posted on Pinterest by Jill Nystul of One Good Thing By Jillee fame, who in … More Hot Chocolate Heaven

Cake and Memories

I have a tradition I’ve stuck to for almost all the birthdays, holidays and special occasions that have been celebrated in my home: I make the cake. There’s nothing better than old-fashioned homemade cake from scratch, provided of course that you’re good at making cake. I like to think I inherited my great-aunt Alice’s talent for cake-making. … More Cake and Memories

Salami for Dessert?

Yes, you can do that, if it’s Salame de Chocolate that is! A simple and unique dessert that can be enjoyed any time, but for me I associate it with Christmas. Perhaps because it reminds me of fudge, though it is somewhat different or perhaps because for special holidays I like to bring in elements … More Salami for Dessert?