Peace and Prayer

May 13th 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of a major historic event for Roman Catholics: the first apparition of Mary, the mother of God, to three humble shepherd children in the small village of Fatima, Portugal.   In all there would be six apparitions, culminating on October 13, 1917 with the great Sun Miracle witnessed by an … More Peace and Prayer

Supporting Fair Trade

Fair Trade refers to trade in which fair prices are paid to producers, artisans and farmers in developing countries. I firmly believe in the goodness of helping someone to help themselves, and Fair Trade is one way to do that. Endeavoring to support the efforts of people in struggling nations to thrive and support themselves … More Supporting Fair Trade

Let there be more

(This is not a political statement. The featured image I chose is an example of what there should be more of. As for the reasons the subjects are protesting, my opinion is that there are valid arguments on both sides of the matter. Photo credit: Nuccio DiNuzzo, a photographer for The Chicago Tribune attending a protest … More Let there be more

Be a butterfly

I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions, but like many I have a tendency to reflect on my life as each year comes to a close. I try to identify certain aspects in myself that could use some attention. So on the eve of 2017 I am focusing on more positivity in the new … More Be a butterfly

NJ Cops

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Two New Jersey police officers went above and beyond the call of duty to drive about 650 miles to return a beloved pet dog to her owner. One of Bella the basset hound’s owners was stuck in New Jersey, police said. The man, a 34-year-old resident of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, … More NJ Cops

A Generous Soul

Sometimes you come across a story that touches your heart in a deep place. These stories are especially powerful when they are the little bits of light in an otherwise dark situation. It’s my heartfelt belief that they are means by which God shows us that He is there no matter how painful a situation is … More A Generous Soul