Saying good-bye to the dress

The wedding dress that is. The one that made me feel like a princess on my wedding day and has sat in its box from the cleaners since 1994. Opened only once on my 10th wedding anniversary. Sitting and waiting for what? For the off chance that some special young lady would want it one … More Saying good-bye to the dress


Home Sweet Home

I’m not one for moving. I moved several times growing up, not just between homes but also between countries. As an adult I moved once upon getting married into our first home together, where hubby and I lived for the first four years of our marriage. That was a relatively easy move as I didn’t … More Home Sweet Home

My Best Life

July 2022 makes it almost a year since my last post. What a year of blessings it’s been. After the Covid isolation, we were able to enjoy a visit from my parents who traveled in from Portugal for an extended eight-week visit. My brother’s fiancĂ©e also arrived from UK and we gathered everyone together on … More My Best Life

Keeping it simple

Hello dear readers! Just checking in and keeping in touch. Wanted to share how 50 is going after my last post a few months back. Soooo, it’s not bad!! It’s all about embracing and accepting and making the best of things and staying positive and being open. Especially to myself, to what makes me happy, … More Keeping it simple

On Turning 50

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking into the future… Here I am about to plunge into a new decade and this one is causing me some angst. No problems with hitting the previous milestones of 20, 30, 40. But this 50 thing, I’m not embracing. And believe me I know 50 isn’t what it used … More On Turning 50

Well hello there!

Nice to see you fellow WordPresser it’s been a while yet again. Happy to say all is well. Life has become a little fuller lately with new activity. The Community Outreach where I volunteer is taking more of my time as is my new-found crochet hobby. Both have been very satisfying to me in these … More Well hello there!

Still Here

Yeah I’m still here. My loved ones are still here. The virus is still here. It doesn’t even need a name, we all know what I mean. Who would’ve ever foreseen the ways our reality has been warped and sadly, for some of us, been forever altered. And it’s still not behind us. Here in … More Still Here