São Miguel Island

A nature-lover’s paradise, mystical, mountainous, volcanic, blessed with wild beaches, ocean cliffs, thermal springs, rolling green pastures and many, many happy cows. This is the Azores, a group of Portuguese islands referred to as Europe’s Hawaii. The islands are in the Atlantic Ocean about 2.5 hours from the European Continent, and about 4.5 hours from … More São Miguel Island

Job Title Rebrand

How important is it to have a title that accurately reflects your duties and responsibilities? This one may turn into a bit of a rambler. I’m not sure. But let’s see where it goes. Well here I am. I’m not fifty yet. But it’s approaching. My 25th wedding anniversary is next week. I’m a mother … More Job Title Rebrand

Kiss Cookie Cups

Remember the thumbprint cookies with jelly from back in the day? I loved those when we made them in Home Economics class in grade school (for younger readers – we used to learn all kinds of homemaking things in Home Ec classes back in the 80s). Years later I tweaked the recipe by swapping a … More Kiss Cookie Cups


I re-post this here from Aleteia so that it is shared and so that I have it to refer back to. The perspective of these four fashion icons on what makes a woman truly stand out is affirming and inspirational to me personally as I hope it will be for you. Several fashion icons, among … More Elegance

Best Ever Chili

This is the best chili recipe ever, IMHO! Easy to put together into a nice heavy pot and it simmers for two hours without much fuss other than an occasional stir. Okay I know two hours may seem daunting to some, but before you decide to forget about it…just think about how much is it … More Best Ever Chili