Keeping it simple

Hello dear readers! Just checking in and keeping in touch. Wanted to share how 50 is going after my last post a few months back. Soooo, it’s not bad!! It’s all about embracing and accepting and making the best of things and staying positive and being open. Especially to myself, to what makes me happy, to my personal sense of peace. As far as it’s within my power and control and responsibility, I’m living each day as it comes while being mindful of little blessings and an attitude of gratitude. I don’t always succeed but the point is to keep working at it.

Keeping it simple has become my new and liberating life strategy. For me the beauty of nature, the fun of a local excursion, the satisfaction of gardening and crocheting, the pleasure of reading and good food are some examples of things that feed my soul. For others it’s the excitement of city life, the camaraderie of a good work environment or a close-knit neighborhood. The support of family and close friends are also simple blessings in life. We can all look for these types of joys. Some of us will be blessed with some of these things, or even with many of them, and some really lucky folks will enjoy them all.

So this is where I am at this stage of my life. Enjoying little things as much as possible, not just waiting for the big highlights. There’s too much time in between big life events to waste on not being in the moment and seeing its value.

Working with colorful yarns and turning out pretty and useful things brings me unbelievable satisfaction.

Some blooms from my gardening efforts. The picture on the bottom is a summer squash plant from our new vegetable garden. It’s the first time we try our hand at growing vegetables and it’s been a learning curve. The squashes have thrived and I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful mango-colored blooms they put out.

Some of our family gathered this 4th of July weekend in my old neighborhood to enjoy Portuguese food and Sangria at one of the local restaurants. I’d wanted to sit outside on a beautiful summer evening to enjoy the outdoor patio vibe but the weather did not cooperate so we ended up indoors on the bar side of the restaurant. Instead of being disappointed, I focused on gratitude for the fact that we were together and enjoying such an abundance of food and drink. And it was a great night!

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